Thank you for visiting this page. I am lighting art and design enthusiast who is now fortunate enough to work in an architectural lighting design studio. I have background both in study and professional experience in architecture, interior design, and urban public space design. I started FRAKTUR as a journal of my self study in the specific field of lighting design and technology.

To give a little perspective, I came from and currently live in a bustling Asian metropolitan city. With much sweat and hard work, I had lived, studied, and worked for two years in three major European cities, travelled to many cities in Europe as well as visited North America and North Africa. It was this two years abroad that shaped a lot of my knowledge and perception particularly in lighting, kickstarted and fueled my journey in lighting design.

Although it’s meant to be a study journal, all writings here will be written from my personal perspective. I will try to quote every sources I used. If there’s anything scientifically wrong or any of your materials I used that you might want to remove, please feel free to reach out by email.

While my day job will equip me with practical things on site, I hope this “blog” will force me to keep educating myself continuously on the more theoretical side and also serves as a logbook for inspiring thing and projects. And if you happen to stumble yourself here, maybe it could help you too.


Calosa K.